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Tricks fur Treats Tee

Light weight Jersey with orange glitter

Available in Tee and Tank.

Please see sizing guide for correct size. 

Small (6-11 lbs Dogs):  

Neck 7-13"

Chest 11-17"

Length 10 1/2  

Breeds: Puppy, Chihuahua (not teacup), Yorkies, Pomeranians etc.


Medium (12-22 lbs):

Neck 10-17"

Chest 16-22"

Length 12"

Breeds: Havanesse, Poodles, Jack Russell Terrier, Pug, Maltese, Dachsund, Small French Bulldog, etc. 


Large (25-40 lbs):

Neck 16-21"

Chest 20-26"

Length 14 1/2"

Breeds: Corgi, Small English Bulldog, Basset Hound, Cocker Spaniel, Large French Bulldog etc.

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