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About Us

Hey everyone!

Wag City is a new approach to creating a special bond between you and your best FURiend. High quality, eco friendly and functional dog goods is what we are all about.

dog accessories and human apparel

Know Your Materials

We value animals, the environment and humanity as a whole. That is why we focus on producing sustainable, high-quality clothing that brings together fashion and function. All of our tees are made with deadstock fabric which—for those of you not familiar with the term—is surplus fabric from larger manufacturers that usually ends up incinerated, or worse, in our landfills. We minimize our footprint by not overproducing.

Made in Los Angeles:

We take great pride in creating ethically-made products by sourcing all of our materials in the heart of Los Angeles. As we uplift and support our diverse community we're also growing the manufacturing industry here at home in the US. We make sure to partner with local, family-run and minority-owned manufacturers who ensure the seamstresses are paid a fair wage.

meet the pack

Maverick, Director of Barketing:

My mama is the brains behind this operation but let's be honest I’m the beauty. My mom’s designs are so fetch, but I give them that extra bit of swag. I’m the fit model, which means I make sure you can still chase squirrels in your tee. If you see me in the streets give me a treat, I don’t bite. P.S. Don’t be afraid to add to cart, my mom gives me a treat and rubs my belly with each order.

From the Founder, Rocio Alvarado:

I’ve always been environmentally conscious so working for companies that were contributing to fast fashion was wearing heavy on my soul. Still, it felt difficult to leave that stability and comfort. Eventually, I was laid off from my job in 2016. It was through that hardship that I decided to take a chance on myself, follow my dreams and launch Wag City. The idea for Wag City was inspired three years before, in 2013, when I adopted Maverick. I went shopping for him and realized there weren't any high-quality, functional or fashionable clothing options for dogs. Everything I saw appeared cheap—bedazzled tees with basic graphics like "bad to the bone." That moment inspired me to roll my passions for fashion, dogs and the environment into one masterful accomplishment—Wag City. And coming very soon to Wag City is the addition of a component near and dear to me—philanthropy.

Now as I look back at the past five years—including a very challenging pandemic—I am thankful to be in business, inspired and living out my dream!

A huge thank you for your continued support and for granting me a space to follow my purpose and do what I love most!

Rocio + Mavy

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